Can You Get Insurance Without An Inspection?

While it is possible to get homeowners’ insurance without an inspection, they are a common step in the underwriting process. It depends on whether your house has been inspected up to the insurance company’s standard and the age of your home.

An inspection will examine whether there are any unaccounted-for risks and will be reflected in your premiums. Worse-case scenario, an insurance company can cancel a policy if they believe your home to be too high risk.

Can I Avoid It?

While it can be tempting to apply for a policy and home the insurance company doesn’t inspect your home, this is not the best way to proceed. Even if it all goes to plan, you are still committing insurance fraud and it will be hard to claim against a pre-existing condition.

Take the time to try and make necessary improvements even if they are costly. More likely than not, the insurance company will require an inspection and you could be denied.

Spending money to improve the condition of your home will also reduce the price of your insurance and it will be in better shape.

Can I Still Get Insurance If I Fail?

If you do end up failing, then don’t panic – all is not lost! Usually, you will just need to fix the problem that has been deemed uninsurable.

With minor issues, it is even possible you can be insured, but under the guarantee you make the repairs within a certain time frame. Trimming branches that hang over your roof and repairing an old roof are common contingencies that need to be acted on.

Can I Insure The Uninsurable?

Some homes are deemed too old for standard home insurance and they won’t offer a policy even if you make improvements. However, there are other options available to you.

Using a specialist company, you can still find cover for a high-risk property. It is also possible to find a policy on the excess and surplus market that might be appealing.

What Steps To Take?

It is advisable to conduct your home inspection as you will become aware of the problems before the insurance company does. That way you can make the necessary repairs and know it will be in good condition when you apply.

Otherwise, an inspection will tell you there’s nothing to worry about and you can submit that with your application right away.